Is Facebook Page-Suggestions Becoming Crappy?

From last few days, all I can see on my FB-Wall is a screen full of Page-Suggestions, which is quite irritating. Whereas, I find Twitter more engaging.

When Facebook was a baby, just a few years old, they were less caring about Advertising and revenues. Because Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, a file-sharing service, and Facebook’s evangelist in its early days, advised Mark Zuckerberg not to add Advertising as it is ‘uncool’ for youngsters. He also suggested Mark to remove the preceding ‘The’ from the name and told him to make it just-plain ‘Facebook’. At that time Facebook guys were more concerned about what the college going people want in Facebook. What attracts them the most.

But nowadays, I think, Facebook is becoming much crappy. So many things are going on a single screen. You cant concentrate on just one post or an event or an app or whatsoever it is. I find it little disorganised. I think they should take this into consideration and work on it. Because as we all know Facebook’s new-user generation graph has started declining. At the same time there is already an array of people who are exasperated by the most loved social-networking site.

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On the other hand, Twitter also has made its place with the young people with its much of organised, simple to use, not so gaudy and the Internet’s SMS image. Twitter also has the ‘Promoted Tweets’ option for the Advertising, but it seems like they have taken the Google route by making it simple and not so irritating to the users, which is appreciable. I think Google is the epitome for adding Advertising in a very modest way without disturbing the the users.

I hope Facebook guys are are also aware of it, and they will come up with a solution soon, as they always do. I know that Facebook still has its charm to people out there. But I personally feel like Twitter is the future. Because people won’t have so much time to go-through so many things, all in one screen. Twitter is much simpler, as of now!