Getting into the shoes of Brand Manager of LG Smartphones

If I ask you to make me a list of smartphones you would like to buy, will your list include iphone? For sure! Will your it include Samsung? Most probably. Will that list include MotoG? Could be. Will it include Xiaomi? Why not?! But will that list include LG? Chances are less, very less. Let’s figure that out together.

In my opinion, LG has done very good marketing for themselves. They have done a commendable positioning in the customers mind. You must be thinking that I’m nuts! But believe me, it’s true. The only problem is, they have positioned themselves amazingly well for electronic appliances. That’s why they have positioned themselves as a sophisticated and serious brand. They are not as ‘cool’ and ‘young’ as Apple. That’s a flipside of a strong mind positioning. LG probably have worked really hard to achieve this status. It’s a downside of branding.


Seemingly, they are not amazingly well with its smartphone market. Are LG smartphones not good enough or do they have any glitches? Nope, the answer lies in doing repositioning. They need to undergo series of marketing strategies to tackle this loophole. Firstly, they need to do something to spur the sales of their smartphone market. For that they need to do various Sales Promotions like Apple does with cash rebates and exchange schemes.

It is very important to increase the marketshare, which will eventually increase brand visibility. It’s very important that people see handsets in other people’s hands, so that people can ask about the feedback. That will increase the word of mouth, which is, I think, one of the most useful marketing strategy.

Therefore, it is the repositioning, that is the key to improve LG’s sales figures in India.


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