5 Things Mark Zuckerberg should make sure to revamp WhatsApp

Their dedication to provide flawless communication fascinated me to figure this out.

Few days back, we all heard about the famous acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. People all over the globe started talking about WhatsApp and its benefits. Undoubtedly, it has plenty of advantages, and it is one of the best messaging Apps we have ever come across. Notwithstanding its popularity, I would like to put myself into Zuckerberg’s shoes, and figure out five most critical things to revive WhatsApp.


1.Last seen: First of all, the main downside of WhatsApp is Last Seen. It’s not exactly the disadvantage, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Some people don’t like it, because they just want to ignore talking to perticular people. I would like to share one instance. One friend of mine didn’t like to use WhatsApp because he didn’t want to show the world that how long he talked with his girlfriend last night.

2.Group Notifications: As WhatsApp is very popular nowadays, so there are plenty of groups for different types of relationship you share with the people. For example, there are groups for family, friends, close friends, casual friends, colleagues or even for acquaintances! One would not want to waste his precious time in their everyday talks. After all, different people will get free at different time. Moreover, notifications will be quite disturbing and irritating at times.

3.No security: The most important thing is, there’s no security. It is in terms of privacy, like no one has to ask you for viewing your photo and status. Everyone who has your number can easily keep track of you. Which is quite snoopy. That’s the main reason behind people preferring BBM over WhatsApp.

4. Don’t be evil: In my opinion, there should be an option for getting notifications on the status bar of my phone. Because, it’s very frustrating to see the WhatsApp symbol when I’m really busy doing something important. Therefore, I’m sure there are some people out there, like me, who dont want to see its notifications. So, WhatsApp should stop enticing people, and walk on the path of Google.

5. Stay Simple: Mark Zuckerberg should make sure that it should always remain as simple as possible, unlike Facebook. After all, USPs of WhatsApp are simplicity and seamless communication. I’m optimistic, as Zuckerberg has given assurance to Jan Koum that it will remain ad-free.

I’m really convinced that WhatsApp is one of the best in its class. We will keep admiring you guys. Keep up the good work!


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