Effective ways to make a strong personal brand

Today’s cutthroat competitive world, it is important to make a strong personal brand. I think, nowadays, the only thing which is making more impact than your organization is your personal brand. I have a fair argument to bolster my inference. The way in which the great personalities like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bozzo influence people and their opinions is the evidence of my synthesis. At times, as was the case with Steve Jobs rejoining Apple in its downfall as an Interim CEO, peronal brand helps in building your company’s Brand. So, let us find out the five most effective ways to make an influential personal brand.


Self belief:

First and foremost thing you should develope is to have trust in yourself. You must have to be confident about yourself. Otherwise, how will others be able to piggyback on your ideas and beliefs. More importantly, never be insecure about yourself and don’t try to compare yourself with others.

Do What You Say:

Secondly, you need to become a man of your words. You cannot be ambivalent about what you say and what you do. You need to learn to keep your words. It doesn’t mean that you always have to keep your promises, no matter what your circumstances are. If it’s tough to do so, make them believe that you tried your best to stand by your words. And if possible consolidate them in possible and appropriate way.

Be Laconic:

As per my opinion, this is a very important thing to make sure about. You should be known as a man of few words. I’m not at all advocating about being an introvert. Powerful people are always being ambivert. I’ve heard people saying that you have to be gregarious to become a people’s person. However, I don’t agree to it. People who are lack of excellence need to talk a lot and impress others. It is a beacon of mediocrity. People with excellence don’t do that. Powerful people always know their worth. Additionally, they never feel insecure of what they are.

Modestly Ostentatious:

Shakespeare said, “Have more than you show, say less than you know”. If you say what you’re going to do, it won’t make much impact. Because only an underdog will make people go crazy about you. Therefore, don’t say everything you know. Make people speculate about you, it’ll make them curious. Sometimes, people don’t like geniuses. They feel insecure about themselves, make them believe that you’re one of them. Then only they will listen to what you’re saying.

Charisma to inspire:

One of the most importan characteristic is to have a charismatic personality that can inspire people. Inspire them to believe in themselves. That can instigate them to bring out their hidden potential. People around you should feel good and positive about themselves and they should never inferior to you.

These are the traits one true leader should have in oneself. Although, it’s not a cake walk to make a strong personal brand. You always have to give more than what you take from people. Moreover, always inspire them to be tough , positive and dream big.


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