Rule of thumb in branding: Invoke feelings

Today, I came across a very wonderful advert, ‘True Valentine Tales’ from Nestle Alpino. I felt like I have watched a movie. I found it touching. I must say, storytelling was marvelous. I wondered what touched me so much. Thus, I re-watched the ad and decided to learn something from it.

Here are some of the points, Which, I think, is making this advert meaningful and distinct.

1. Clarification about ‘True Tales’

In the very starting of the ad, they clarified it, that it’s not just another ad. But the story of one of the true couples out there. That impelled me to look at it differently.

2. Unusual Couple

Secondly, it comprises a very unusual couple. The guy looked native Indian, and the woman looked like a non-Indian. Her accent indicates that she must be from Spain or somewhere.

3. Absorbing Narration

The woman started the conversation about how they met, instead of introducing her husband/boyfriend (that was also ambiguous) and herself. It looked candid and impromptu when the guy interrupted her to add his point, as if they are talking to their friends.

4. Not Only About Them

The narration wasn’t only about them. Dog, not merely as prop, was used beautifully. It is a thing which is making it lively. People can easily relate to it, too.

5. Most Importantly, it invokes feeling

You already know that how important it is to invoke emotions in any advertisement. Probably, it is the reason which compelled me to write about this ad. I decided to write about it because it touched me. It just struck the chord with its viewers, which is the most important thing in Branding.

Branding is not about you and your company but about the people out there. They should be able to connect with what you are saying, no matter how big and successful your company is!


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