Branding: What it is & What it isn’t

It is everything you do, no matter you intended your actions for Branding or not.

As a Branding enthusiast, I always relate my real life experiences to marketing-communications. For example, there are myriad types of people out there, with a different kind of traits and tantrums. Only thing they all have in common, is the rationale, behind the things they do or the things they want to do in future, which is, to satisfy their Ego, or euphemistically speaking, for self-satisfaction!


There are people, who have misconceptions about marketing-communications. They think it is about being the biggest or about being perfect, or only about advertising, or just about being crafty. I think that’s just nonsense. Whoever you’re, if you’re thinking that Branding is only about show-off or about how you do the show-off, then you must be a moron. Branding is all about the common people out there. Let me mention that again, yes about all the common people out there and not just about the Target-Group or your Potential Customers! Whatever the brand is, whether it is Apple or Mercedes-Benz, they also have to think about the people who aren’t their target-group. Because, their customers are ultimately choosing their brand for making an impact in front of the people who aren’t able to afford Apple or Mercedes. Isn’t it ironical? But it is a truth.

So, in my opinion, Branding is always about making your customers and also the common people feel superior about themselves. Most importantly, your brand should not depict the image of being so superior to the common people, that they feel inferior about themselves.


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