Cause Marketing Is The Best Policy

There’s a wave of social revolution in India, Brands are also following suit.
Happily Unmarried AdIt’s not that the brands are inspiring people to come forward and do something good for the society, but the fact of the matter is other way around. The social wave has been started in India. People are being aware of their rights and responsibility. First people of India came forward for their rights before two years. There were agitation and protest against corrupt government. Now, as we have seen, most of all the States which were having assembly elections this year had had record-break voting. It shows that people are being conscientious, and they are pretty much aware of their duties.

The above advert is of ‘Happily Unmarried’ a decor store for young single people and they are selling really cool products. They have taken the Cause Marketing route by giving discount to the people who have voted in this election. In this way brands are also being socially responsible. 


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