Bournvita Ads showcase that Marketing is all about values

This inspiring campaign shows modern Moms of India who believe in instilling good habits in kids.

Bournvita Adverts helped me to understand new-age Indian mothers, and what they think. Gone are the days when we used to see old lady in saari running after her kids to persuade them to drink milk. Nowadays, we see young mothers in jeans and tracks on television sets, whether it be in TVC or daily soaps. The most amazing thing about this Ad is, the mother says at the end “only a mother understands the importance of good habits, and that’s why I give her Bournvita.”

It goes like,
” Mere bete ko jeet ki aadat tab lagegi, jab wo muje harayega;
Tab nahi jab me use jitne dungi;
Aakhir aadatein na ek din me banti hai, na aashani se;
Aur yeh bacchon ko ghar benthe nai sikhaya jata;
Aur jis din wo muje harayega, me jeet jaungi.”

Isn’t it amazing? I loved it completely. Every time when this Ad is being shown on the television, I just stop doing whatever I was, and enjoy the Advert. As they say first we make our habits and then habits are what make us. On this famous axiom Cadbury India has launched the ‘Tayari jeet ki’ campaign for its chocolate flavoured health drink Bournvita, that stresses on the importance of inculcating good habits in children as a preparation to win in life. The latest addition of this same series shows a working mother who is motivating her daughter to work harder, preparing her to Win!

It says,
“Hum apni taiyari behtar logon ke sath karenege;
Yeh aadat humei ehsas dilati hai ki hum kitne kaabil hai;
Par aadatein na ek dit me banti hai, na aasani se;
Kyuki zindagi me mukabala kabhi barabari ka nahi hoga;
Lekin ab se hum do kadam aage rahenge..
Sirf ek Maa acchi aadaton ki ehmiat sajati hai;
Is liye me use roz Bournvita deti hun!”

Let me come to the point, which is why this Ad is inducing me to think, even when I am not a Mom, nor do I have kids. It’s because these Ad is all about value-system. It’s not preaching to all mothers to be like this, instead it is telling that we all Moms are like this only. It is making all the moms feel good about themselves. It’s inspiring children to do something. It’s not at all prompting, that only we, the mothers who give Bournvita to their kids does this, but says, we all the mothers understand the importance of good habits, and that’s why I give Bournvita to my kid. let me mention that Bournvita is ruling the Chocolate Drink segment of India from decades. Bytheway I was also a Bournvita guy in my childhood! So, an Ad will make an impact on the viewers’ mind only if your product is outstanding, otherwise it won’t work at all.

Marketing-Communications is all about values, principles and compassion. So, I think it is less about preaching and more about doing, less about teaching and more about inspiring, less about education and more about awareness. Less about sympathy and more about empathy. 


Cause Marketing Is The Best Policy

There’s a wave of social revolution in India, Brands are also following suit.
Happily Unmarried AdIt’s not that the brands are inspiring people to come forward and do something good for the society, but the fact of the matter is other way around. The social wave has been started in India. People are being aware of their rights and responsibility. First people of India came forward for their rights before two years. There were agitation and protest against corrupt government. Now, as we have seen, most of all the States which were having assembly elections this year had had record-break voting. It shows that people are being conscientious, and they are pretty much aware of their duties.

The above advert is of ‘Happily Unmarried’ a decor store for young single people and they are selling really cool products. They have taken the Cause Marketing route by giving discount to the people who have voted in this election. In this way brands are also being socially responsible. 

Vodafone’s ‘Made For Sharing’ ad Demonstrates status quo of Indian youth

Vodafone adds another feather to its cap by this TV Ad.

Vodafone’s TV adverts are always talk of the town. But this time I found it a little more touchy. I’m sure no youngster or teen of today’s modern India will able to take their eyes off from the television when this ad being shown. And if that chap had had a break-up ever in his life then it will just be impossible to ignore it, seriously! The sweet voice of this female singer and melodious tune is also very catchy. The commercial, created by Ogilvy Mumbai, chronicles the life of a girl who is sad because she has broken up with her boyfriend.

The lyrics goes like this:
“I guess my life’s an open book, anyone can take a look;
No secret here to hide, this is just me.
Holidays, they come and go;
Feelings change, people grow;
And all I know is I like being free.
ta..da..da..  I’ll be fine;
This is me now, but I could change..  anytime.”
Have a feel of it.

The girl is feeling lonely. She wants someone to share her feelings. And she shares it with her friends on social networking site. This Ad shows her transition from feeling depressed to being revitalised. People say it’s very tough to come out of this kind of depression. But nowadays, it is not so tough for this techno-savvy generation. They are 24*7 connected to each other.

Gone is the time, when elders were used to say, that the young generation is just not interested in being social anymore. They say, these guys are just not interested in being abreast with the  family members. I still remember my parents taunting me about these things. But now, the scenario is totally different. Now, not only youth but all the people across all the age-groups are so much involved with each other, whether it be friends, family or peers. They are all the time connected with the instant messaging apps using their Smart-Phones. Whether they are in same office or in same city or in opposite ends of the globe, they aren’t so much away. Distance just doesn’t matter at all in this virtual world. Today’s youth is more connected and socially involved then their ancestors. ‘Coz they’re just a ping away!