A Thing You Need For Making A Greatest Company On Earth

What you really need to care about if you want to make world’s most adored company.

When I asked Steve Jobs about his bigger ambitions, he simply smiled and said: “First, I want to sell a million Macs. Then I want Apple to become the greatest company on earth.” For some strange reason, we both agreed that those goals were absolutely achievable. These were the words of Harmut Esslinger, founder of Frog and creator of Apple’s snow white design language.


Steve Jobs


That’s what you need to think, if you’re really passionate about making a next big company. A next big company is not all about revenues, it’s about your passion to change this world, your passion to give this world something amazing, something very useful and something which will make people feel good about themselves. That’s what Apple did.

Today, no single person on this world buys an Apple product for the sake of their special features. I don’t think so. They can meet their needs with other products too. No matter Apple products have many exceptional features, but very few people buy its products just for the features. They buy it because Apple gives them a sense of satisfaction, a sense of exclusivity. People really have a kind of ecstatic feeling when they buy Apple products. After buying it, they feel like they’re on the top of the world.

So I think, the most important characteristic of a great brand is, it should make customers feel good about themselves. It should make them feel soothing. It’s just amazing, it is called Branding.


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