Modest Ostentation – A Discreet Way To Lead!

A Unique Way Of Branding In Today’s Cut-throat Competitive World.

Today as we can see, the Marketing-Communication is becoming the most crucial part of today’s enterprises or companies. Whether it be a huge established company or just an another start-up. It is one of the most important and very painstaking job of an entrepreneur. Business people are ambiguous about which strategy will make wonders and which will make boos. Marketing people have gone into frenzy to look different and attract more and more people. In this way, they are opting for most flamboyant and extravagant tactics to make some difference. But I think it’s not the right way of attracting customers or potential customers. Sometimes by doing this they end up making mendacious claims.

For me, and I hope, there are few people out there, for whom Marketing-Communication is the microcosm of the real word, the social world. We are doing it every day. We are communicating with our family, neighbours, friends, peers and acquaintances. So sometimes we need to be formal and maintain the decorum while sometimes you can blithely be cheerful and enjoy the light moments with the friends and the loved ones. Every day we need to deal with the communication problems. It’s exactly same with the companies and brands too.


Let me elaborate my point of view. We live in a society comprising insatiable human beings. Most of the people used to measure their happiness comparatively. People used to feel happy by comparing themselves with others and feel superior. Quite often they end up belittling other people for the sake of their own happiness. They used to feel envy and jealous, which are very common and obvious characteristics of the human beings. So, the more important thing is the way you handle your envy in.

The narrow-minded people will disparage other people in front of everyone, even try to spread rumours about them, will diminish their image and credibility and whatnot to look exceptional to them in the society. By doing all these debilitating things, they think they have proved themselves, and everybody will also think in the same way. Unfortunately, they are only making themselves fool. These are the people with the shallow self-respect, which don’t want to make real efforts to prove themselves. They don’t have anything real to do. I feel pity on this kind of people because the whole world except them knows the reality while they’re enjoying being in the dilution.

On the other hand, there are few people who don’t care about their counterparts. They are busy in their own goals and dreams all of which they want to achieve. They are leading their lives with some deep-rooted fundamentals and values or you can say principles. They want to live a meaningful life. They are not at all affected by the every single attempt of those with the narrow-mentality. They’re not supposed to get bothered by it nor are they going to retort them. They are just busy in their own work, and in time, they’ll come up with their own achievements, credentials and successes. These are result-oriented people at the same time being meaningful with their and others’ lives. They make their presence felt by all environs in a discreet way. They don’t want to speak much. They never pretend. They always have more than they show, and speak less than they know. They make difference. It is called real ‘Modest Ostentation’. I’m sure you must be thinking about Apple, and I admit that Apple was my inspirational source when I was writing this.

So I call it ‘Modest Ostentation’. It is not just a discreet way of Marketing-Branding but also a way of life. Today people want attention. They will do a lot of things to get noticed. But if you will be modest, categorically, you’re already making a difference by being ‘what-you-really-are’. You’ll be ostentatious without a bit of ostentation.


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